Last week, I ordered some more Kona Ash (along with some amazing prints from the architextures collection) to finish my Honey Honey churn dash quilt from Sew Fresh Fabrics. I’m very impatient and feel as if the fabric should arrive same day considering her shop and myself are both located on the East Coast of Mass.


Well it doesn’t work that way! *shucks*

I just hope I can finish the quilt top in time for linking to  Blossom Hearts Kate Spain Blog Hop

To keep myself busy I have been working on some much needed organization! I just moved back home from college for the foreseeable future and I also swapped rooms with my little sister so I can have enough space to fit a queen size bed and all my crafty supplies. All this moving leaves a room well… a disaster!

Of course I started with the fun stuff! I folded the majority of my stash using Jeni’s awesome tutorial! I love how every piece of fabric is the same size so you can stack ’em neatly and get a good look of your stash. Check it out for yourself! I have a lot of pieces that are larger than a yard. I folded those the same way as her suggestion but instead of folding in half twice the long way, I fold just once so its a rectangle and stack and color order those separately.

Organizing these fabrics made me realize I have a lot of blue and Denyse Schmidt fabrics too! I’m going to have to plan something fun! Also, having an organized stash is causing a few problems…I now have a ton of quilt ideas running through my head!


I also bit the bullet and bought Noodle-head’s Super Tote pattern! I made my first tote! It took under 12 hours! (I think even less but didn’t time it)! I love this pattern! I’m already working on two more one for my mom and one for a friend.

A few things I wish I knew before finishing…

*It was hard for me to pick fabric placement because I didn’t know which piece of the pattern belonged to which piece of the bag. So now I know for next time where I can add fun little details.

*When making the straps, the pattern says all seam allowances should be 1/2″ but then it said to trim to 1/4″ so I was a tad confused so my straps are a little wider than I like.

*I wish I added snaps to hold the zipper pull tabs! Will do that next time…

*Even though I used canvas on the exterior gusset I should have interfaced it. It’s a bit slouchy. And top-stitching would have made the bag more awesome. I just didn’t want to sew another curve haha!

suptot1 suptot2 suptot3