A trio of gypsies

Not to be confused with the people on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

The gypsy is a very basic 8 inch finished patchwork quilt in Material Obsession. It was the first quilt I ever made. The one that I repeatedly go to. The one that got me hooked on fabric buying. The one that also hooked me on Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke quilts. That book is no longer attached to its cover its so well loved :)


My first quilt is the beauty to the right. I learned a very important lesson with this quilt. Don’t buy cheap fabric. I love this quilt to this day it is my favorite but it faded hard and fast. Funny how it is, the first print I picked is my least favorite in the whole quilt!


I also learned a lot about construction. When I made this quilt I did my best to keep a quarter inch seam allowance but I’m pretty sure mine were more scant. I mean in some places I didn’t sew two pieces together at all. I thought that the quilting would hide this mistake so I didn’t try to fix it when I could.


I learned how to bind a quilt! I machine sewed the binding to the front then turned it to the back by hand. You can tell I didn’t square up the edges because my binding is 1/2″ in some places and 3/4″ in others!


This quilt will always be the first I grab when I’m cold and probably the first to go in the wash. It is so butter soft and perfect for snuggling under! And it taught me one more valuable lesson pink fabrics are so pretty :) (I HATED pink before this quilt)


My second FINISHED quilt was also a gypsy. This bright beauty belongs to my baby sister! It is made with significantly higher quality quilting cottons. Kaffe Fasset, Heather Bailey, Valori Wells, all can be found in this beaut.


My sister insisted on the zebra print when she found it in the stack of fabrics for my older sisters quilt. It was my idea to fussy cut the Heather Bailey roses and I’m so glad I did :) It used up a ton of fabric though!


I quilted this with tight 1″ spiraling stars. I learned a HUGE lesson here! Don’t use template pencil on your fabric!!! I wasn’t paying attention and it was my first time doing real quilting, I really didn’t know I wasn’t suppose to use that pencil until i drew ALL the lines on this 64″ square quilt! They have faded but they are still there :( Eventually they will come out but it sucks that I worked so hard on this quilt only to yield an imperfect project. I also didn’t know about burying threads so this has lots of back stitching (not a big deal to me)!

jennies binding

This binding is completely machine done. I wanted a fast turnover and wanted to try something different. Three out of the four corners are perfectly mitered which is awesome for my second binding ever! Funny story with the binding..originally that fabric was suppose to be the back but I messed up the math and bought exactly half of what I needed. I guess its not that funny but I knew how much I needed and repeated it over and over and even had it written on a paper when I was at the cutting counter.


Thankfully its owner loves it! As does the puppy :) I recently made matching pillow cases to so when the baby goes off to college in the fall she’ll have some super soft pillow cases to snuggle along with this super soft quilt :)

The last gypsy of this bundle was a spring finish. I messed up again on fabric ordering and only had enough to piece a 7 x 7 top. A little small for my dad! This quilt was a gift for my parents. It was supposed to be for Christmas but it ended up being a random spring break gift.

crinkly quilt

Again this is a cheap JoAnn’s quilt but I was/am a poor college student sometimes you have to do it! This quilt is entirely hand quilted! Funny story there. I spent like 4 hours doing one block on this quilt beautiful intricate embroidery outlining the butterflies in the center block! This block was looking fabulous! But one huge problem! You flip the quilt over to a disaster! I grew up doing embroidery I didn’t know any better! No one ever told me I had to do the running stitch! I was so mad I left it for months!


I made a couple extra special blocks. This one’s a house, clearly!


And the date my family started :)

So that’s the story of the three gypsies that walked into my life and found a permanent home :)

folded luxury


Ava’s Quilt-WIP


I have been working on this quilt for a little munchkin for quite some time! It started out as a lighthouse quilt in pink and tangerine (here and here). Then I morphed it into a strip quilt after seeing many in the bloggy world (prior to Rachel’s Festival of Strings I’m talking September of 2012). Then again I was rushing to finish for the Festival of Strings and well I missed finishing the top by an hour :/


I’m okay with that because the top is done and it is so beautiful and scrappy; I normally don’t like scrappy! I decided to make the quilt look like concentric squares. I really love the affect of the broken up squares, the imperfection. I love the owls!


This beaut will have the most beautiful back! I have Patty Young’s Textured Basic Shoreline Tangerine, Sarah Jane’s Out to Sea ship panel in blossom, and the pièce de résistance: Sarah Jane Out to Sea mermaid print in blossom!

I planned to applique a crab on the back as well but I haven’t found any cute patterns so I think I’m going to try to make my own template. I took Sarah Fielke’s Big Techniques from Small Scraps class on Craftsy and I feel confident I can do needle turn applique!

Check out the back view with the light shining through! Looks like stained glass :)


If you are a regular to my blog you’ll notice my pictures have significantly improved! The Plum and June Let’s Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop 2013 is full of great advice (like better pictures) and you can meet new bloggers!

I’m linking up for the first time to Lee’s:

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Stephen’s Quilt

So I changed my mind again on Stephen’s quilt! Not surprising if you know me :) I really wasn’t liking the idea of such a traditional quilt for a little boy and I found out the quilt needed to be larger so I didn’t want a super time consuming block. Instead I’ll use the block I made to make a little pillow!

Photo Jun 09, 10 10 47 AM

I decided to make “Flocked Together” by Sarah Fielke from her book “Quilting From Little Things“. Its a feathered star block with lots of y-seams! (A little scary) The pattern was for a queen so I had to do some quilt math. Kind of difficult even for an engineering major!

quilting from  little things

Well I figured it out after making a block diagram! I drew the block to scale and then measured everything! I’m wondering if the Quilt Design Tool on Threadbias would do the math for me. Has anyone used this?

I’m loving the fabrics I chose for this quilt! All red, white and blue with a pinch of yellow and green thrown in! The fabrics include Sandy Gervais, Denyse Schmidt’s DSQuilts for JoAnn’s, Maude Ashbury (the awesome jumbo lobster print), a little Kona not sure of the color but I want to say Cobalt, Jack and Lulu “All Hands On Deck” (the little lobsters), and various other prints from JoAnn’s and my local quilt shop!

all fabrics2

All the pieces are cut and I’m ready to get started!