Bloggers quilt festival

Bloggers Quilt Festival: scrappy quilt entry

Hello everyone!

Welcome to spolgarquilts my little part of the internet where I share all things quilty.

I’m entering this gorgeous scrappy quilt I made for my little cousin. Previously blogged about here and here and here.

This is a full size bed quilt made with strips of golden yellow, pink, white, bright pink, and cute little owls! I foundation paper pieced 49 blocks.

The back is pieced from Sarah Jane boats and mermaids, some scraps from the front, and patty young orange running stripe. I placed the orange in such a way that when you full down the top of the quilt its visible.

I hope you like my quilt! Be sure to check out everyone else’s!











6 thoughts on “Bloggers quilt festival

    • Thank you! I did the quilting at two different times once when I first got the walking foot and again after using it awhile so the quilting on the middle is a lot sloppier but I don’t care I love it :)

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