In Which I Impose a Deadline…

I have been working on a fall sampler, of my own creation, since August. Well it is officially autumn here in the U S of A as of one week ago and there is NO fall sampler quilt to be seen!


So I am self imposing a deadline. This SATURDAY. Yup that gives me a good 4 days to finish this textured quilt. I don’t have any official plan. It’s all pretty much as the wind blows. I decided to use warm browns and deep purples mixed with bright orange and pink. I like it!



Check out what I have now. It’s completely non-traditional. No grid so I have been adding large swathes of beautiful fabric to square up the blocks and make them fit all nice together. Like this stunning gold metallic pin dot! Wish I had more…

and this lovely Julianna Horner print :)


Can’t wait to finish this!


You may still be thinking, “Why Saturday for this self imposed deadline?” Well I’m going apple picking which I’m uber excited for and wouldn’t that just make the perfect back drop for a photo shoot?!


2 thoughts on “In Which I Impose a Deadline…

  1. Did you make it?! It was a little overcast but still a good day for Apple picking. Your purples and oranges make this a really appealingly modern fall quilt choice. Can’t wait to see it, whenever you get through!

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