This is what happens…

This is what happens when you use your iPad instead of a laptop or desktop: You write a thank to a very generous person who sent you a handmade gift in a giveaway and you end up looking like an ass because your post miraculously disappeared. Yeah that’s me! 

Samantha at Making Life Prettier had a giveaway last month for this amazing hand made zipper pouch made with AMH linen feathers and it is a stunner in person! She was so generous and filled it with amazing goodies :) Not one but two zippers! (The plum is my favorite) TWO fat eighths of AMH (my first ever)!!! A beautiful matching needle case which I’ve already started using, super sharp quilting needles, an assortment of snaps (including a magnetic one that I need to make yet another super tote), and some fabulous glass buttons! And she shipped it internationally :)

I have already started using the pouch and needle case to store all my DMC thread and pre-threaded needles for my gigantic hand quilting project! I love its size because it fits easily into my supertote and I can pack it with all the thread, small scissors, needles, thimble, etc. It’s even long enough to fit some marking pens or pencils :)

I think for now the AMH will sit in my stash until I gather some more. I really want that mustardy rose print from the hand drawn garden! I have been seeing a lot of AMH only quilts popping up and I really love then so I think for now that’s what I’ll do :)

Thank you so much Samantha, I LOVE the pouch just my style! Make sure you visit Samantha’s blog she has some amazing projects posted and posts more regularly than me! She recently finished a posy quilt for her daughter that’s so cute! I love that line of fabric :)

(I can’t make anything with little kid prints at my house! I bought some Alexander Henry Once Upon a Time print and my mom started freaking that I bought baby fabric…yeah)


2 thoughts on “This is what happens…

  1. Awww I am so glad that you love your stuff! I am happy it arrived safely too :) Always stressed about mail coming and arriving! Thanks for your kind words too! Can’t wait to see what you are working on next!

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