I got the flu, my favorite city has been bombed, my former university is being evacuated…I’m just glad I am relatively safe here in the western part of Massachusetts

The tragedy that happen on Monday and the repercussions that have happened throughout this week are mind-boggling. I’m just still in a state of disbelief…

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the attendees of the Boston marathon, my friends, visitors from other countries everyone who came to race one of the biggest marathons in the world and who came to watch these very inspiring people.

I just don’t know what I can do to help…

Some ideas


Make a Boston flag quilt to donate to some group that can auction it off to raise money

or a Massachusetts flag quilt…


(not sure if I could do it…would require really elaborate paper piecing…for some reason us Massachusetts…(ians, nites, idk??) have very elaborate seals and I’m not completely confident in my skills although this printout version could help)

I really don’t know…any thoughts?



Please share your thoughts. I love reading comments!

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