Small Blog Meet

Hey Everyone!

My name is Stephanie I am a chemical engineering major at a fine Massachusetts school and I love to cook, quilt, and a million other really random things!

Lately, I have been working on several quilts! I have this thing where I like to have many projects going at once! A little chaotic at times but I always have something different to work on if I begin to get bored…

What I’m working on now…

A quilt for my twin cousins: Ava a pink strip quilt and Stephen “Flocked Together” by Sarah Fielke

A quilt for my sister: this one I’m struggling with… I love the design and fabrics I just hate the way the quilting is turning out :/

Also a memory/log cabin quilt for a very special recipient!

I would love to see what you guys are doing!

I’m linking up to Lily’s Small Blog Meet-up!

Lily's Quilts

6 thoughts on “Small Blog Meet

  1. I always end up working on more than one project at a time because I keep thinking of new things I’d like to try! Visiting from Lily’s Quilts.

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