Help Needed: Disaster?

About this time last year, my older sister Jessica graduated college. I promised I would make her a quilt. I made a very cute hand drawn quilt card with an IOU a quilt. A few months later probably June, we went to a local quilt shop searching for the perfect fabrics. The fabrics she chose were very pretty purples and pinks with a mix of traditional fabrics and batiks. A very muted color palette.

I began working on this quilt in the summer and these fabrics just brought down my mood. Does anyone else no that feeling? So much so that I went on to make my younger sister’s quilt instead. I kept putting of and putting off this quilt. Well I finished the top. And it looked really good. I basted it and began quilting. I still need to finish the quilting on this quilt but I just avoid it every time I enter my sewing space!

Photo Aug 20, 10 36 56 AM

Top of quilt basted with pins.

Quilted flower (back) I love this Jacobean floral print!

Quilted flower (back) I love this Jacobean floral print!

FMQ from quilt back. Bad idea?

FMQ from quilt back. Bad idea?

It’s a mess! I had never free motion quilted before. I practiced, practiced, practiced on 12″ sandwiches. I am at a loss. I quilted the back of the quilt and the front just doesn’t look good! I loved the trailing floral pattern so I thought it would be cool to quilt but now I feel I should just rip it all out and do simple, traditional straight line quilting. Thoughts?

White quilting shown on top. Too sloppy? Should I have quilted from the front? Change the color of the thread?

White quilting shown on top. Too sloppy? Should I have quilted from the front? Change the color of the thread?


7 thoughts on “Help Needed: Disaster?

  1. It is really hard to tell from the photos what the problem is. It looks like more of the quilting is fine and then there are spots where the thread loops a bunch on the front? Maybe when you slow down or quilt too much in one spot it does that? Sorry I can’t be of more help!!

    • Thank you for your input! I will try to take better photos this weekend if you want to take another look. I have notice that when I go to fast the backside gets a little messy. Practice makes perfect right?!

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  3. Maybe some outlining on the snowballs and triangles might be nice? I know what you mean about stalling on a project. I’m making a quilt for my significant others aunt and working from a modified pattern. I’ve gottten over the hump and am on the finishing straight but I’m finding my motivation for the project challenging as there are so many other ideas I want to play with. I’ve figured out one evening on this project – take a break and work on something of my choosing – third day back to project. I’m enjoying it more this way and looking forward to the finished result. Fabric looks lovely by the way, it’ll be great when is finished and handed over!

    • Thanks for the input! I think that is what I’m going to do…just outline everything. Of course I’ll have to wait until I pull out all the bed FMQ

      Good luck on your project!

  4. My friend told me to do this – find a floral print and quilt the back. But I see what you mean it’s not quite what you would have expected. Not being a FM quilting expert, this is how I see it. The quilting looks great on the front – doesn’t it? The quilting doesn’t flow well on the back because of the sharp points – I wonder if just having a continuous flowing around the flowers on the back would work. Do you have drag from your quilt hanging? As for the extra little loopy threads on the back – there are several things that could cause that – tension, poor thread (as in old thread or cheap thread or just not the right thread for your machine) or you may need to re-thread the machine or bobbin. Or change the needle or clean your machine. It sounds like a lot – but really once you know your machine better it gets easier. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I don’t want you to get discouraged and give up.

    • Thanks for the thoughts! I think my biggest issue is the contrast of the white thread on the dark purple. I just bought some new variegated purple and green. I’ve never tried this but I heard you can use a different color in your bobbin to match the underside. Just not sure if I should try the FMQ again or just go with outlining on the front…

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