I started a quilting blog!

Quilt- A quilt is a sandwich of a woven top, a fluffy middle, and a backing.

Quilt is also a metaphor for life. The top, the joyful most glorious part is pieced of many beautiful pieces like memories and events AND some not so beautiful pieces. Yet they all work in harmony to create that very interesting mosaic. The batting the stuff that’s there and very necessary but isn’t shown because its not so interesting. And of course the backing the back bone of a quilt it’s the support, the people places and things that are supporting roles. Incredibly important yet not the star of your life.

About a year and a half ago I had the sudden urge to complete one of the many things off my life checklist: make a quilt.

I didn’t really know where to start I had not much experience sewing. I mean a dabble in cross stitch, knitting, and crochet when I was younger but nothing ever stuck. I had the drive.

I started by searching online for ideas and patterns for a quilt to make. No such luck. I found several very old fashioned quilt patterns for free. Not exactly my style. And many beautiful patterns but they seamed to complicated and I really needed a guide. JoAnns was it. I drove to the craft store after work and went strait to the books. Myriad of quilt books, from old classics, scraps, ultra modern, I didn’t know where to start. Then  a book caught my eye. The quilt on the cover was so beautiful the fabrics chosen were so very much my style! I flipped through and discovered everything from easy beginner quilts to really complicated quilts! The book even had instructions for cutting and sewing and a glossary for all the quilting vocabulary I didn’t understand: sold! The book that startedmypassion for quilting would be material obsession: modern quilts with traditional roots by Kathy doughty and Sarah fielke.

I took the book home and read through every pattern and all theappendices. I decided to make the gorgeous Gypsy quilt for my very first attempt! It took me many months. Mainly because I kept having to borrow my older sisters sewing machine while she was in the middle of several projects!

The quilt completed I realized I caught the bug and there was no going back!


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